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Drabble: A Good Date by Shawn D. Brink

by specklit

Holding hands, they stopped outside the cemetery’s fence. It had been a good first date.

“Do you like zombie stories?” he asked.

She nodded.

“This fence wasn’t here before the zombification disaster of ’98. I was the only zombie that escaped the cemetery that night, jumping onto a passing trolley. After that, a fence was scientifically built to keep the zombies within dormant.”

“Your story is flawed,” she said. “No trollies ran here in 1998, so you failed to scare me.”

“I was referring to 1898.”

Her brain barely registered this information before the zombie ripped it from her skull.

Author’s Note: The lesson to be learned from this drabble? If your date says that they are a zombie, then run away. Historically, zombies are slow runners and you will probably escape.

Drabble: Vegan Vampire by Shawn D. Brink

by specklit

Not long ago, while in the restroom of The Leafy Greens, a vegan café, the vampire got him. He didn’t even get to finish his kale salad, which was one of his favorite menu items.

Now however, he could not afford to lament his past. What mattered at that moment was satisfying his hunger.

He silently approached his victim, desiring to pierce that beautiful flesh. It appeared so firm, so ripe.

He attacked, sinking his fangs in deep. Once satisfied, the Vegan Vampire stood up and wiped the red stains from his chin. The tomato before him had been drained.

Author’s Note: Vegans don’t eat animals, but vampires suck blood. What happens when the two mix? Hence the birth of the Vegan Vampire.

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