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Drabble: Summer Fun – by Michael Hudson

by specklit

Junie watched the crowd gather around the deep end, crowding the sides as lifeguards yelled for them to make room. She instinctively looked around for her mother’s bright orange hair, seeing the whole pool at once, though not concerning herself with why. Eventually, curiosity got the best of her. She looked down into the water beneath the twisted diving board, seeing the crimson waves ripple out from the tiny red-haired body. A flash of recognition struck, like looking into a mirror, followed by a headache and sudden cold. He mother cried hysterically as Junie watched and drifted slowly, silently away.

Author’s Note: This story came from a three-word prompt I got from a website and is the closest I’ll ever get to writing something dark.

Drabble: Not What I Signed Up For – by Michael Hudson

by specklit

A banshee’s cry was a warning that signaled the imminent death of a loved one. Danae had cried and wailed for the passing of millions of souls over her lifetime. It was her sacred duty and her one true purpose for existence, but all she wanted right now was some chamomile tea and a throat lozenge. Danae’s once beautiful voice was now strained and raspy where it had once resonated with an angelic timbre. She was true to her purpose though and hopeful for an eventual respite. After all, she thought, how many people could there be in the world?

Author’s Note: Seriously, all that screaming? That can’t be good for the throat.

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