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Drabble: Deep by Michael G. Cornelius

by specklit

The black thorns of Murkkill Woods. The leeching muck of Algray Swamp. The sharp-toothed dreadwort. The cold. The moat. The keep.

Worth it. The clawed marks, the contusions, the finger lost to a giant brood worm—all worth it. Her sleeping form, inert and available. Her pale, voluptuary flesh. The rotted blouse crumbles at his touch. The skirt pulls up. Breeches off. On top of his beauty. So deep asleep. Surely one kiss will not hurt…

Talons extend. Teeth gleam. She wakes. He screams. And he learns, all too well, that sometimes it is best to let sleeping things lie.

Author’s note: Okay, lesson learned. The best things in life come from an ice cream stand, not a murky wood.

Drabble: Throw Down Your… by Michael G. Cornelius

by specklit

Hair. It’s just hair. Matted, gnarled, festooned with briars and—Christ, a vole’s nest? But it’s just hair, twisted, braided, strong enough to support even the weight of a Prince. And yet, halfway to the promise of his endeavors, he realized two things: first, that it wasn’t just hair. It was also little bodies, little eyes, hungry little mouths attached to hungry little creatures. And as they descended upon him, skittering up his arms and into every careless seam of his clothing, he realized, second, and screaming, why they said no one ever returned from the tower in the wood.

Author’s note: I’ll never watch Tangled again without scratching my head. And I really, really need a haircut.

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