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Drabble: Reunion Time – by Jean-Paul L. Garnier

by specklit

I appear in my bedroom, the one I disappeared from when I was sixteen years old. I have known for some time that I would return to this time, at some point in life. The first time around it was nothing but blankness, just a mere turn of the head that lasted six hours. The sun having set in the duration of my absence. Now as I look out that window, sun still up, I know that I have six hours at best. Five minutes up the street lives my best friend, lives in this time but not in mine.

Author’s Note: When I was a teen I had a lapse in time that lasted six hours. Sometimes I think that I might show up in that younger body and have six hours to kill. After years of thinking about this I have decided that what I will do with the time is visit my old best friend, who is no longer with us, for one last chance to spend some time together.

Drabble: The First Message – by Jean-Paul L. Garnier

by specklit

“As long as these lasers remain on, from this moment on, persons in the future can transmit information back to any point in the past since we turned the device on, as long as it continues to run. With these new super-cooled superconductors we should be able to keep the machine running for an indefinite amount of time, and at little cost. All systems running, let’s give it a test. System on. Wow it looks like we are receiving a message already. It’s amazing someone chose the very moment we activated machine.”

“What does it say?”

“Turn the machine off.”

Author’s Note: Recently I read a book by Dr. Mallet about his design for a laser based time machine. I wondered about what type of message we might receive if the device has negative repercussions.

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