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Drabble: Vigorian Rock by Ashely Mendez-Kestler

by specklit

I found a Vigorian Rock deep in the Cave of Secrets, and I took it. Now I have great power, but only for 24 hours. Then they will find me, capture me, jail me, or maybe stone me. But today, in this moment, I am powerful and free!

It was easier than I thought to find the rock. Easier still to defeat the “mighty dragon,” which was really a playful pup of a dragon. I walked in, sword drawn, and he licked my face to saturation. And that’s when I knew. I would rule the world… for 24 hours.

Author’s Note: I’m am fascinated with the idea of stones holding powers that we humans can only dream of!

Drabble: The Levitator by Ashley Mendez-Kestler

by specklit

At 18, we choose a power. I chose levitation to my mother’s dismay.

“Why not a healer? A light-bearer? What about-”

“I chose my own way. Why aren’t you proud?”

“You cannot help this way.”

“I can. I can help.” My words were hollow. She was right – I was selfish.

I float each day, regretting my choice. Today I’m over the square watching a toddler explore. He walks to the fountain.

“Baby! Fountain! Stop him!” I barely recognize my own voice.

His mom hears, turns to find him, and pulls him away.

I am lifesaver. Mom can be proud.

Author’s Note: You always hear the question, “What super power would you pick?” Well, what if we all actually had to pick one?

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