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Drabble: The Three Suitors and the Princess – by Anna Salonen

by specklit

“Bring me a lost treasure of our people, and you shall marry my daughter and rule after me,” said the King.

The first suitor chose the Sky-Apple the Goblin King had taken to light his realm. He died in darkness.

The second suitor fought mighty dragon Longtooth for Princess Sorrow’s necklace. His corpse burned for days.

The third suitor challenged the Wind-Wardens for the Awed Breath, captured in a bottle of tall tales. He was blown to sea.

The Princess girded her loins. She charmed the Goblin King, slayed the dragon, and outsmarted the Wardens.

She ruled long and wisely.

Author’s Note: Princesses like impossible quests too, you know.

Drabble: Midsummer Snow — by Anna Salonen

by specklit

I found the snow sprite in my freezer a few days before midsummer, nestled between the frozen blueberries and some leftover rhubarb crumble. It wouldn’t make it to next winter in there, I was certain of that.

First I telephoned animal rescue: not their area. Then I tried 911: they told me off for making crank calls.

In the end, I packed the poor thing in an old thermos with dry ice and sent it to a random address in New Zealand. I never found out what happened, but the next winter the frost-flowers on my window-glass were especially fine.

Author’s Note: It’s always winter somewhere.

Drabble: Nudge – by Anna Salonen

by specklit

Everybody’s got a death wish.

You know that little voice that nudges you over the edge?

That’s me.

The tired mother who is driving home with two squabbling toddlers in the back seat and sees a truck coming? Nudge.

The mental patient who contemplates swallowing the colorful pins from his mother’s sewing box? Nudge.

The alcoholic who finds a shelf of disinfectant bottles unattended at the emergency room? Nudge.

I’m everywhere. I’m in your brain, clutching your amygdala. You can’t escape.

One day it’ll happen, something terrible or wonderful, and I’ll whisper to you:

Do you need a little nudge?

Author’s Note: Reading Stephen King can turn your drabbles dark.

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