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Drabble: Among Us by Anita Roberts Soupir

by specklit

As the train slowed, Anna glanced up from her book in time to see something absolutely terrifying. Two men on the platform seemed to be in an intense argument culminating with one reaching up and yanking something from the other man’s face while giving him a stiff shove. To her horror, she watched him lose balance and fall toward the tracks, arms flailing, trying to regain his balance. In that last second, he turned his face toward her window and Anna saw not flesh, but red eyes and a mechanical façade. She shuddered as realization hit; the machines had come.

Author’s Note: So many interesting things can happen on a train platform. The ideas are endless.

Drabble: The Duel by Anita Roberts Soupir

by specklit

In utter disbelief, I sat on my favorite park bench and watched as a squat man in and old-fashioned suit and cape suddenly appeared a few feet away.

He spotted me, grimaced and withdrew a wand, taking aim. Luckily, another man winked into existence at that moment. Tall and blonde, he looked the proper Victorian. A quick but fierce battle ensued, ending with the shorter wizard being transformed into a rat and scurrying off.

The remaining gentleman grinned, tipped his hat and said, “He won’t be troubling anyone now and New York won’t notice another vermin.” Then he was gone.

Author’s Note: I just like to envision this happening to me.

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