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Drabble: Down Time – by Aaron Moskalik

by specklit

Bob had been a lot of places. He had been in the deepest oceans, the highest clouds, the hottest geysers, the coldest glaciers. He had been in hurricanes, waterfalls, and rainbows. He had been in the blood of Christ, the brain of Buddha, and the mouth of Mohammad. Of all the places he’d been, however, this was his favorite. Far below the earth where only the sound of slow dripping from his brethren is heard, a place where light has never shone, a place where one can spend a thousand years in a pool of placid repose thinking deep thoughts.

Author’s Note: How many molecules of water pass through us in a lifetime? What stories do they have to tell?

Drabble: Division by Zero – by Aaron Moskalik

by specklit

A hush fell over Number-land. Everyone stopped multiplying and dividing, adding and subtracting. Unconsciously, they all had the same thought, every integer, positive or negative, every rational, and irrational, even the imaginary, the complex, the matrices and the functions, “Zero is coming.” Little i shivered with dread. It was suddenly cold, absolutely cold, and a faint buzzing was building from every direction in the infinite dimensions. Louder now, it resolved into an infinitude of voices impossibly out of tune and chaotically out of sync. It was Her voice and it tore i’s world asunder. “Fear me children. I am Oblivion!”

Author’s Note: I had a dream once where I was an imaginary number.

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