Drabble: A Cabin to Die In – by Anna Salonen

by specklit

Griselda built the cabin of logs and twisting branches. Moss crept in to plug the cracks. She put in a black-iron stove and a fireplace: when you’re nine hundred and thirty-five, you get cold easily.

The squirrels filled her pantry with nuts, and the Queen Bee’s guard brought honey. A white-pelted wolf left rabbits at her door.

Snow fell. Winter was a good time to die.

Then the woman showed up at her doorstep, heavily pregnant.

The babe was a girl.

Her laugh lit up the room.

Griselda bounced the baby up and down.

“Welcome to Grandma’s house,” she said.

Author’s Note: You start to think about stuff like this at a certain age.

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