Drabble: Dangerous Dinner Companions – by Anna Salonen

by specklit

Jonathan met the indigo-haired lady scientist at an anatomy lecture. She sat in the front row and scribbled furious notes into her worn leather journal with a silver fountain pen.

When he asked her to dinner, she accepted and suggested a restaurant.

The beef was rare and the brandy strong. Jonathan fell asleep in the hansom cab, head against her shoulder. She smelled of formaldehyde and rust.

He woke up on her surgical table, strapped in tightly. Brains in jars lined the wall.

She only liked me for my mind, he thought as she smiled and cut into his scalp.

Author’s Note: Be wary of strange ladies you meet at anatomy lectures.

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  1. Hi – I really enjoyed this story. In fact, I put the Speck Lit link to this story on my website: https://shawnbrinkauthor.wordpress.com/weekend-reads/. Hopefully, this will draw some additional readers.

    Cheers – Shawn D. Brink, Author

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