Drabble: The World’s First Spell – by Matthew C. Ryan

by specklit

The archer felt hunger grip him as he drew his arrow and aimed at the elusive buck that he’d been stalking for days. His strength left him and he fell forward, catching his weight with his free hand. He was acutely aware of the energy in his body, the earth, and all around.

Clutching the earth, he pulled the energy up into his arm. He couldn’t miss again. He drew another arrow and imagined it striking it true, the feast to follow. He whispered a prayer and loosed the arrow.

The arrowhead flashed brilliant light and slew the startled stag.

Author’s Note: When doing archery, I always felt a connection to nature. Perhaps it was because the range my father took me to was far out in the bush, but I feel that magic could have come from places like this.

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