Drabble: Monday Night Dance Class – by Ken McGrath

by specklit

Ladies, please, no giggling at the back. We’re about to start. Spread out. Find your space.

Stacey, can you come to the front here.

And two, three, four. Hands together, twist away, pivot right. Very good Marybelle.

Now left foot forward, like ice on glass. Gently, gently, heel to toe, hands together and… excellent. Well I think we can all see by the flames there that Antoinette has mastered ‘The Enticing Of The Phoenix’.

I need you to practice this one at home ladies but remember to please, please, please take the batteries out of your smoke-alarms before you do.

Author’s Note: You never what they might be teaching at your local night school.

2 Responses to “Drabble: Monday Night Dance Class – by Ken McGrath”

  1. Leanne Olson says:

    Hah! There’s always giggling at the back, no matter how many flames. Loved this.

  2. Ken McGrath says:

    Thanks Leanne, glad you liked it

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