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Drabble: Supervillains and Bankrobbers – by Timothy A. Wiseman

by specklit

The Gadgeteer finished his latest device, and laughed. He turned to his most trusted henchmen. “It is ready. We can once again rob banks with impunity. This device will disrupt the nerves and paralyze the security for us. Soon, we’ll be rich.”

The henchmen looked at it, quite impressed. “But, sir, why not make more of them and sell them? The police and military would pay a fortune for something like that.”

It took a bit of time to arrange production and settle the contracts, but once it was done the money came flooding in. They retired in Las Vegas.

Author’s Note: I have never understood why stock supervillains rob banks. Superpowers or amazing gadgets should make it easy to become rich without bothering with the trouble or needing to worry about superheroes.

Drabble: The Necromancer and the Phoenix – by Anna Salonen

by specklit

“Did you get the phoenix?” Skullin asked, sharpening his knives.

The necromancer grinned. “Of course I did.”

“Well, let’s get to work.”


Skullin let the skinning knife fall. “No?”

The necromancer whipped the phoenix out of the folds of his robes. It blinked at the light and squawked.

“We can’t skin him, he’s so fluffy. I think I’ll call him Boo-Boo. And you know what the best thing is?”

Skullin shook his head.

The necromancer pulled off his glove and stroked the bird. It dropped dead in his hand. Soon, the feathers began to smoke.

“He always comes back!”

Author’s Note: Everybody needs a pet, even necromancers.

Drabble: Supervillain Origin Stories: Robin Hood – by JB Starre

by specklit

He started out trying to be a good guy. Used his powers to steal from some wealthy Wall Street crooks and gave the money to homeless people. But some of the people he helped ratted him out, and after being shot in the stomach and told to never show his face in New York again, I guess he decided helping others was overrated.

It’s not that he wants to hurt anyone; he’s a gentle guy, really.

But if you don’t hand over the money, I’ll have to call him over. He’ll be angry… and he’s not pleasant when he’s angry.

Author’s Note: He robs from the rich and gives to himself.

Drabble: Thirty-Seven – by Leanne Olson

by specklit

Thirty-seven stories. That seems like plenty. I step forward, my toes hanging over the edge. I whisper an apology to my wife before I take that final jump, diving head first, squealing with joy as I rush toward the pavement.

I am at peace for the first time in my life. I have always felt I was different, alone, alien, that I didn’t belong on this Earth. I’m tired of pretending. I hope Lisa understands.

And then I realize the pavement isn’t getting closer; no, I’m headed toward the clouds.

I’m flying.

I can’t do anything right, not even suicide.

Author’s Note: I’m 98% convinced that I have the ability to fly. But what if the only way to activate this latent power is to place myself in mortal danger?

Drabble: VW – by Tom Myer

by specklit

“When will I die?” Roger, aged 12, asked the Ouija board.

“Whoa!” said Bernadette, aged 13. “You’re brave!”

They laid their hands on the planchette, and it flew across the board and stopped between the V and the W.

“What does that mean?” Bernadette asked, breathing hard.

“I don’t know,” Roger said. “V is the 22nd letter, W is the 23rd, so maybe I’ll die after college?”

“Or you’ll die in 22 or 23 years,” Bernadette said.

“This is dumb.”

In the year 2045, Roger was crossing 22nd street at 2300 hours when a VW self-driving car took his life.

Author’s Note: If fate exists, I believe it has a sense of humor.

Drabble: Seashells and Sunlight – by Angela R Sargenti

by specklit

The beach is empty at the moment, but her pockets are not.

She’ll walk into the sea in a few minutes, but first, she’ll enjoy one last glorious sunset. She’s a poetic soul, you see, and she plans to go in a little at a time, sinking away with the sun.

She hopes to find a mermaid society when she gets to the bottom, and maybe it’ll be better than the human one.

Maybe this time she won’t screw it all up.

Maybe this is what heaven is like.

Mermaids and seashells and sunlight.

She has always liked the sea.

Author’s Note: I like mermaids. I often use one as my avatar.

Drabble: Divine Work – by Maxine Kollar

by specklit

The Goddess Hestia has commanded me in my work.

The garments have once again been rendered pure.

The flotsam and jetsam that ebb from the shores of your beings have been ordered.

The merchants have been visited and only the finest items procured.

All traces of soil have been cleansed from the surfaces upon which you trod.

Sustenance has been prepared until deemed worthy of your palates.

The offspring have been ferried hither and yon and returned to the hearth.

“Alrighty then,” said Charles with wide eyes after a pregnant pause. “So… that was Mom’s day. How was school?”

Author’s Note: Mom’s losing it. So relatable.

Drabble: Supervillain Origin Stories: The Wordsmith – by JB Starre

by specklit

It begins innocently enough. He is reading to his daughter, a story about a bunny, and suddenly there it is, the bunny, looking around his daughter’s room in bewilderment. The bunny is easy enough to explain away, and now they have a pet.

But soon he is reading aloud again, this time a story about a troll living under a bridge, and when the troll appears before him, wrecks his house, and proceeds to wreak havoc on the rest of his cul de sac, an idea solidifies in his head.

He visits his local library on his way to work…

Author’s Note: Dull cubicle jobs can make even the kindest of people turn villain.

Drabble: The World’s First Spell – by Matthew C. Ryan

by specklit

The archer felt hunger grip him as he drew his arrow and aimed at the elusive buck that he’d been stalking for days. His strength left him and he fell forward, catching his weight with his free hand. He was acutely aware of the energy in his body, the earth, and all around.

Clutching the earth, he pulled the energy up into his arm. He couldn’t miss again. He drew another arrow and imagined it striking it true, the feast to follow. He whispered a prayer and loosed the arrow.

The arrowhead flashed brilliant light and slew the startled stag.

Author’s Note: When doing archery, I always felt a connection to nature. Perhaps it was because the range my father took me to was far out in the bush, but I feel that magic could have come from places like this.

Drabble: Monday Night Dance Class – by Ken McGrath

by specklit

Ladies, please, no giggling at the back. We’re about to start. Spread out. Find your space.

Stacey, can you come to the front here.

And two, three, four. Hands together, twist away, pivot right. Very good Marybelle.

Now left foot forward, like ice on glass. Gently, gently, heel to toe, hands together and… excellent. Well I think we can all see by the flames there that Antoinette has mastered ‘The Enticing Of The Phoenix’.

I need you to practice this one at home ladies but remember to please, please, please take the batteries out of your smoke-alarms before you do.

Author’s Note: You never what they might be teaching at your local night school.

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