Drabble: You Have Been Selected – by Leanne Olson

by specklit

It’s just spam. It must be. I’m a savvy user: yes, I’m a grandmother, I received my first computer three days ago, but I don’t believe in wealthy Nigerian princes or creams that take twenty years off my skin.

But this. How did they get my email address? How do they know both my middle names? What kind of scam targets my innermost desire?

I type into Snopes.com, “You have been selected for an all-expenses paid wizard school” and nothing comes up.

Sometimes you have to take chances.

My fingers shake as I type a reply. I pack my suitcase.

Author’s Note: You’re never too old to learn something new, whether it’s computers or magic.

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  1. Jedd House says:

    Clever girl…

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