Drabble: Mermaid’s Curse – by Colleen Anderson

by specklit

Sirena sawed her tail, silvery scales like sequins coating her hand. The Novocaine dulled the pain. Still she cried, tears mixing with the bloodied water.

Marcus paced, hand over his mouth. “I don’t understand why you would do this? I thought you could have feet if you wanted.”

“I had feet. I was human.” She felt faint. Midnight was fast approaching.

But it was too late. No matter how fast she worked, the tail grew back. “Never piss off a mermaid.”

Sleek silver fishskin overtook her and Sirena changed, flipping into the water, a large tuna swimming out of sight.

Author’s Note: Mermaids always want to come onto land, but what if a human wished for mermaid fins?

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