Drabble: Transfigured – by Devin Miller

by specklit

Max Murphy had no idea he would wake up as an osprey.

He had read Kafka in school—compared to a roach, this seemed infinitely better. He soared high on thermals and took in the scenery. When he got hungry, he snagged a fish.

“I didn’t transfigure you so you could joyride.”

Max looked up from his fish into the grey eyes of a large tawny cat.

“A wizard,” Max said.

The cat grinned. “I knew you had the intuition.”

“Why, then?”“A mission. Follow, and find out.” He scampered away.

Max considered his fish, then flew off after the cat.

Author’s Note: I was contemplating Kafka one day and wondered, Why a roach? What if instead he woke up as something awesome?

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