Drabble: The Thin Blue Broomstick – by Tiffany McCarroll

by specklit

Taxi horns blared as Officer Zapone zipped ahead on her broomstick to follow the running murder suspect to the intersection. The officer muttered an incantation to amplify her voice over the noisy traffic. “Daryl Peters, stop running! You’ve been warned!” she shouted. The suspect halted only to avoid being crushed by a crossing bus. He started turning.

Zapone thought Peters was cooperating when he faced her, but then she saw him raise a spell-gun. “Mano amputata!” she cried. Two hands fell onto the street along with the spell-gun.

Later, reporters would inquire about undue force and the use of Italian.

Author’s Note: Would the broomsticks have sirens, I wonder?

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