Drabble: Ashes Girl – by Devin Miller

by specklit

Being forbidden from the ball was the spark which ignited the inferno.

“You’ll never find a husband before us,” her stepsisters told her, “and all the nobles will be spoken for.”

She hated her tears. Her lineage was a litany of unfairness. No. More.

She summoned her fairy godmother. The gray-haired matron listened, irate.

“You will have until midnight to claim your revenge!” she said. “Then, the fires go out.”

Vengeance! Her magic burned her home, her town, the streets, and finally the castle. The nobles fled the conflagration screaming, all terrified, all but one.

“Long overdue,” said the prince.

Author’s Note: I always thought Cinderella ended a tad too tidily.

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