Drabble: Hello, God? – by Stephen G Parks

by specklit

How do you disprove the existence of God when he’s standing in front of you: Wry smile on his all-knowing countenance; not as old as you’d expect; not a stitch of clothing on him; definitely male, if a little feral.

There were hundreds gathered around – watching, recording, posting – when I arrived at the scene. I was numb from the October wind. He wasn’t even shivering.

He wasn’t flashy: No miracles or anything, just knew everything, everyone, every…

Red laser! Gunshot! He’s down!

“Your first telepath?” My Director sympathized later. “They always try the ‘I’m God’ gambit. But nude? That’s new.”

Author’s Note: I recently read a story about God personified trying to prove his existence to an atheist and I thought “but a telepath could do all that.”

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  1. Colatz says:

    > “but a telepath could do all that”
    And schizophrenia too…

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