Drabble: An Apple for Beauty – by Tiffany McCarroll

by specklit

If Dina could rid herself of one more poison apple, she could go home. She waited for the right moment. Then she yelped as she threw herself to one side of the weedy path. Down she tumbled, honey crisps and granny smiths parading out of the basket all about her.

“Hello?” the fairest maiden called from farther up the forest path. “Is somebody out there?”

“Down here!”

The maiden came running at once. “Goodness! Are you all right?”

Dina grinned. “Oh… yes, thanks. Care for an enchanted apple, my pretty?”

The maiden smiled. Finally, Dina would meet her monthly quota.

Author’s Note: Driven mad by maidens fairer than herself, a wicked enchantress became a serial apple poisoner.

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