Drabble: Reunion Time – by Jean-Paul L. Garnier

by specklit

I appear in my bedroom, the one I disappeared from when I was sixteen years old. I have known for some time that I would return to this time, at some point in life. The first time around it was nothing but blankness, just a mere turn of the head that lasted six hours. The sun having set in the duration of my absence. Now as I look out that window, sun still up, I know that I have six hours at best. Five minutes up the street lives my best friend, lives in this time but not in mine.

Author’s Note: When I was a teen I had a lapse in time that lasted six hours. Sometimes I think that I might show up in that younger body and have six hours to kill. After years of thinking about this I have decided that what I will do with the time is visit my old best friend, who is no longer with us, for one last chance to spend some time together.

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