Drabble: Again – by David Afsharirad

by specklit

As he put the finishing touches on the time machine, Professor Windsor Crabtree saw a flash of light and heard the sound of a cork being ejected from a bottle of champagne. In the corner of his lab stood another, older Professor Windsor Crabtree.

He looked around, disoriented. Then his eyes focused on the machine. He ran toward it. It was not until the other Crabtree was fairly upon the machine, that Crabtree noticed the ball peen hammer.

Down it came on the delicate control panel.

Just before his future self disappeared, Crabtree heard him mutter, “How many more times…?”

Author’s Note: Time travel stories often deal with characters going back in time to try to fix past mistakes. But what if the mistake that needed fixing was building the time machine in the first place?

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