Drabble: The Milkman Cometh – by Jennifer Moore

by specklit

Other people’s milkmen only brought them dairy products. Ours delivered milk and magic right to our front door. Once he pulled a live flamingo out of his cap for Mum. Another time he conjured up a whole kaleidoscope of giant butterflies. Poppy and I would cheer from the hallway while Mum laughed into her dress sleeve. We loved him for that – the way he made her face all pink and giggly. That was the best magic of all. But after he and Mum did their disappearing act together we cancelled our account. That’s when Dad started taking his coffee black.

Author’s Note: Buying your milk from the supermarket is much less magical. I’ve never once spotted a flamingo in the dairy aisle.

4 Responses to “Drabble: The Milkman Cometh – by Jennifer Moore”

  1. Jeff Suwak says:

    Woo hoo! Beautifully done. Those last two lines had me laughing.

  2. S Dawes says:

    I take mine black but it’s nothing to do with the milkman ! Really enjoyed this story.

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