Drabble: Little Dragon Shop – by Dionne Obeso

by specklit

“What about the red one?”

“We don’t usually recommend Kona lava dragons to first time owners. They grow to over 80′ long and spit a jet of flame that can melt granite. Ma’am, if you’ll just come this way I can show you a greater bearded dragon. They’re much calmer and they only grow to about 6′. I have one, myself, and he loves to curl up under my feet while I watch videos.”

“But that one’s green. I don’t like green. I’m sure this little red one will be just fine.”

Kara sighed. “Let me show you the leashes…”

Author’s Note: No doubt she’ll be back in next week to complain that her new poopsie ate the neighbor’s dog and burned down half the block.

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