Drabble: Zombies – by Emily Martha Sorensen

by specklit

Two zombies were shambling around the kitchen. Breathing heavily, I cocked my squirt gun and prepared to shoot.

Blam! I hit one in the head. It howled with outrage.

Splat! I splashed one across the back. It shrieked.

Wham! The first zombie reached me, moving faster than I would have believed. It grabbed the squirt gun and seized my wrist. I could smell the stench of its breath.

“Die, zombie!” I shrieked, trying to pry my hands free.

The zombie growled in its guttural, barely-intelligible language. “For just one morning, would you let your parents make their coffee in peace?”

Author’s Note: It would be a very weird world if people were literally zombies when they first awakened in the morning.

2 Responses to “Drabble: Zombies – by Emily Martha Sorensen”

  1. I have had mornings that seemed a lot like this, though my kids prefer Nerf swords to water guns.

  2. JB Starre says:

    LOVE IT. This is such a delightful story!

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