Drabble: Identical Twits – by Emily Martha Sorensen

by specklit

“They’re not, in fact, identical twins,” I tried to explain to the teacher. Off to the side, my little brothers were fighting over a toy they both wanted. No surprise, since they had identical tastes. “I only had one brother originally. The teleporter glitched and sent back two copies of him.”

“How long ago was that?” the teacher asked.

“Last week,” I said.

“Too late to recycle the spare, then.”

I grimaced and nodded. “My parents said there were ethical considerations and refused to. So I’m stuck with two little brothers now.”

“It’s myyyyy toyyyyyyy!” one of the boys howled.

Author’s Note: There would be ethical considerations to accidental doubles. I imagine it would be similar to pro-life debates.

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