Drabble: Sir Lancebit & The Dragon – by Jennifer Moore

by specklit

Sir Lancebit galloped into the dragon’s lair, hollering, “Say hello to Spike!”

The dragon smiled. Another ridiculous human. And the ones who gave their swords names were the silliest of all.

“I’ve done my research,” boasted the knight, riding full pelt towards him. “I know your weak spot. Take that, Sucker!” he yelled, plunging Spike into the soft fold below the dragon’s chin.

“Thanks,” said the dragon. “I could do with a new toothpick.” He plucked Spike from Sir Lancebit’s fingers, then got to work on the little knight’s own weak spots – namely his head, body, arms and legs.

Author’s Note: I’m often surprised by how easy it is to kill an enormous fire-breathing beast with impenetrable scales. I suspect if dragons were in charge of note-taking the stories might go a bit more like this.

One Response to “Drabble: Sir Lancebit & The Dragon – by Jennifer Moore”

  1. Gary says:

    Love that the name of the dragon is spike. Enjoyed this! A good chuckle for the day.

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