Drabble: Block – by David Afsharirad

by specklit

He sat in front of his typewriter, rolled a fresh white sheet of paper into the platen, placed his fingers delicately over home row—and despaired.

All his life he’d dreamed of becoming a writer, and he’d finally worked up the courage to go for it. He bought books on the subject, attended seminars, studied the markets until he knew them inside and out. He pored over magazine submission procedure.

Now he was ready to begin. But there was a problem:

The books said to write what you know.

The magazine guidelines said no vampire stories.

So which was it?

Author’s Note: “Write what you know” is probably the most famous piece of writing advice of all time. But what if what you know isn’t what people are interested in? I read a lot of horror fiction, and it occurred to me that so many outlets for horror stories don’t want to see vampires or zombies or serial killers. So I thought, how would those guys write what they know and still manage to get published?

One Response to “Drabble: Block – by David Afsharirad”

  1. S Dawes says:

    An unexpected twist on a cliche. Great story.

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