Drabble: Shoulder Angel, Shoulder Demon – by Emily Martha Sorensen

by specklit

I wish they’d never invented Morality Day.

“Go apologize to Helen,” my shoulder angel insisted, poking my cheek.

“Go TP her house,” my shoulder demon grinned, twisting my earlobe.

“Leave her a plate of cookies,” the angel added, tugging my hair.

“Smash a carton of eggs on her door,” the demon smirked, kicking my collarbone.

“STOP IT!” I shouted, hurling them away. “I hate both of you!”

I stormed off, and for one blissful moment, I had peace. Then…

“I think you should apologize to me,” the angel sniffed.

“I think you should kick her off again,” the demon grinned.

Author’s Note: What if you literally had to deal with shoulder angels and demons once a year, every year? I think it would be very annoying.

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