Drabble: Their Daily Eight Minutes – by Emily Martha Sorensen

by specklit

“I believe that what you do with your time-travel is your own business,” Ms. Atwin said, holding out a basket as she walked down the aisles. “But if you use it in my classroom, it’s considered cheating. So, hand over your cellphones, please.”

“As if I’m going to waste my daily eight minutes on tests,” Chet stage-whispered to his best friend.

“I barely even use mine,” Stanley shrugged, dropping his in.

“I already used mine so I wasn’t late,” Hannah sighed.

Ms. Atwin stopped and pulled an offending phone from the basket. “And no counterfeits from tomorrow, either!” she shouted.

Author’s Note: I see this as a future where everyone has an app on their cellphone to allow them eight minutes of time-travel every day. To have more, you have to pay an expensive subscription fee.

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