Drabble: The Assassin’s Karma – by Emily Martha Sorensen

by specklit

“My schedule’s booked through November,” the assassin said. “I had a target in March.”

The client tried not to stare at the assassin’s obviously-pregnant belly. “Is that going to get in the way?” he hedged.

“What?” The assassin looked down. “Oh, this? No. I have a baby every time I kill somebody.”

The client laughed, thinking she was joking. “You must have killed a dozen people.”


“So I’m sure you don’t —”

She reached into her wallet and casually tossed a picture on the table.

The client paused, aghast.

“Don’t you think it’s good karmic balance?” the assassin said cheerfully.

Author’s Note: I had the idea for an assassin with a really weird code of ethics: she never takes more people out of the world than she is willing to bring into it. It would be really weird to be one of her kids. I don’t think she tells them she is secretly an assassin.

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