Drabble: X Ray (Supervillain Origin Stories) – by JB Starre

by specklit

I’m 14 and in 5th period when it starts. At first I think someone’s turning the lights on and off, but I quickly realize I’m the only one seeing the world flicker.

“Are you okay?”

It’s Marcella’s voice, but when I look at her I see bones and organs and entrails. I shriek and fall out of my chair.

Joey and Greg are laughing at me, jeering crybaby and loser.

Joey’s still laughing when the school nurse carries me out, and I glare at him and decide that he looks better without skin, anyway.

I begin to formulate a plan.

Author’s Note: When you think “X-ray vision,” you think “seeing people naked even when they’re fully clothed.” But usually X-rays reveal what’s underneath the skin: bones and organs and such. That actually doesn’t seem like such a glamorous superpower anymore, does it?

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