Drabble: Breaking News – by Dionne Obeso

by specklit

An Occupy Reality protester has been arrested for assault at a URMind VR suite. The victim, Asher Delgado, had been jacked in for 87 hours when protester Corbin Fricke paid for a station in his dual occupancy pod, then cracked open a physical, paper book. Delgado, who has severe asthma, was reportedly enjoying a game of Pool With Friends when he complained of dizziness and vanished from the simulation. Doctors say that dust from the book likely triggered the near-fatal episode. When asked to comment, Frick said, “VR is not an escape from the real. Wake up!” Charges are pending.

Author’s Note: Go outside, sometimes…

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  1. specklit says:

    Being from before the Nintendo Generation, we’re big fans of going outside.

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