Drabble: The Love Potion by Nathan Rokus

by specklit

Little Jimmy gave a bottle to Stephany. The girl smiled at him upon receiving the present. Jimmy smiled back.
Of course, Stephany didn’t know that he just gave her a love potion. Soon, she would be his. Forever.

As the two of them walked together on the sidewalk, Stephany finally opened the bottle. Jimmy’s heart raced. C’mon, drink and you’ll be mine, he thought.

Then, Stephany screamed. “Oh my god! There’s a wasp’s nest in that tree!” She threw the love potion on the nest. It spilled its content all over it.

Only one word came to Jimmy’s mind: run.

Author’s Note: They say that love gives you wings. Unfortunately for Jimmy, wasps already had some.

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  1. Brenda Anderson says:

    Very cute!

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