Drabble: Working Vacation by Robert Dawson

by specklit

Fotini had worked for years, fruitlessly, to develop a matter transporter, and was haggard from overwork. Worried friends rented canoes, mock-kidnapped her from her laboratory, and drove three days northward to a national park larger than many countries.

Two weeks later, fit, tanned, and fifty kilometers from anywhere, Fotini took her smuggled notebook – old-fashioned paper – from her pack, and began to scribble.

At the evening campfire, she announced: “Once this device is built, anybody will be able to travel anywhere, instantly!”

From the lake came the unearthly call of a loon.

Wordlessly, she dropped the notebook into the flames.

Author’s note: Be careful what you work for… you might get it!

3 Responses to “Drabble: Working Vacation by Robert Dawson”

  1. Jeff Suwak says:

    Very interesting. I’m trying to sort my thoughts out on all that this implies, and whether I agree with the spirit of the thing, as I interpret it. Thought provoking little drabble…which, in itself, is no small feat 😀

  2. Erin Wilcox says:

    Pithy story, very engaging with a satisfying character arc in miniature. Thanks for publishing such fine work!

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