Drabble: It’s Not As If I’m Dead by Patrick Stahl

by specklit

Papa walked through the door, holding his side. Blood oozed down his jacket.

“What happened, Papa?” I screamed, running to him for a hug.

“I’m just shook up, Princess. My car slid off the road and hit a tree.” Papa stepped over to the fridge and pulled out a pitcher of water.

I got him my favorite pink cup from the cupboard. “Did you call 911?”

“No. It’s not as if I’m dead.” He mussed my hair. “Just bruised.”

My eyes bulged. I pointed at his chest.

Papa watched the water pour out from where his heart should have been.

Author’s Note: (This idea struck me when a podcaster recounted a story, then stated, “Well, I’m not dead.” I thought, what if it turned out he was actually a zombie. The young girl protagonist was an attempt to make it as horrific as possible.)

2 Responses to “Drabble: It’s Not As If I’m Dead by Patrick Stahl”

  1. Skye says:

    I like it, Zombies are awesome!

  2. Patrick Stahl says:

    Thanks, Skye!

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