Drabble: Nuisance by William A. Veselik

by specklit

Zombies got into my trash last night.

I should have twist-tied my garbage bags and made sure the can lids were on tight.

Can’t really blame them, though. Since the apocalypse died down, the walking dead don’t get much attention. Hardly ever hear of them biting anyone or swarming shopping malls in hordes.

They’ve lost interest in brains, too. Haven’t heard them moaning that word for months now. Most of them finally fell to pieces and the ones that are left just don’t have that “drive” that made them such formidable adversaries.

They knock over trash cans instead.

Lazy zombies.

Author’s Note: To me, this is the logical culmination of any exciting zombie apocalypse, when the walking corpses stop being a threat anymore and become, instead, the boring equivalent of raccoons.

One Response to “Drabble: Nuisance by William A. Veselik”

  1. Very clever, sir. You’ve managed to flip the trope on its head without making the story feel like its main purpose is to make fun of the trope.

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