Drabble: The Other Half by KJ Kabza

by specklit

When I finally found, and fell in love with, another telepath, our connection became indescribably deep. Forget finishing sentences–we finished each other’s thoughts. Experienced each other’s emotions.

Gained each other’s talents.

I could now cook bibimbap, rebuild diesel engines, and knit mittens for people I loved. She could now discuss the works of German philosophers, tend a vegetable garden, and hack networks. She got my abstract knowledge; I got her clever hands and her, herself. The jackpot.

But I did not get her cancer.

When your lover dies, they say half of you is gone.

You have no idea.

Author’s Note: We’ve all read stories with ominous telepathic characters who “read your thoughts,” but what might an average telepath in love feel?

2 Responses to “Drabble: The Other Half by KJ Kabza”

  1. This is one of the many reasons for the existence of speculative fiction: the ability to tell a far more emotional tale on a subject than could be obtained through a real-world setting. Good exploration.

  2. Paul Beech says:

    KJ, your micro-story of telepathic union delivers profound emotion lean and lingers in the reader’s mind. I’m impressed.


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