Drabble: Too Many Cooks by Lela Maria De La Garza

by specklit

The judges unilaterally rejected Gemeel’s offering of mottle-brains, gouge tails and torp feathers, covered with adnoy tongue sauce. Sor-tan smirked as his gobcher feet dish took first prize. “Next time don’t make it so complicated,” he advised condescendingly “The more ingredients you use the more things there are that can go wrong. I used only plump gobcher feet with just the barest hint of morg saliva roux.” He smirked again. “There was really no question about who would win.”

“Next time!” Gemeel raged to himself. “Next time I’ll serve them your boiled head! It can’t get any simpler than that.”

Author’s note: When I first learned about these hundred word stories, I found the idea intriguing. In fact, I decided to do an entire book of drabbes, writing one every day for a year; then selecting those I thought were good enough to be published. Then my interest waned, other projects took my time, and I just quit in mid drab-

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