Drabble: Another Good Bye by Lela Maria De La Garza

by specklit

Why are you leaving? Is it something I’ve said? Something I’ve done?”

Gillian shrugged. “You’re weird. And that beard of yours kind of freaks me out.” She reached for the door, but he grabbed her from behind, knocking her unconscious. He squeezed her throat with both hands, choking the life out of her. Then he put her down cellar along with the others he’d killed.

Tears ran down his cheeks and into his blue beard. She was the best one of all, he said to himself. But he always thought that—until the next wife came along.

Author’s note: When I first learned about these hundred word stories, I found the idea intriguing. In fact, I decided to do an entire book of drabbes, writing one every day for a year; then selecting those I thought were good enough to be published. Then my interest waned, other projects took my time, and I just quit in mid drab-

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