Drabble: Alien Birth by Maggie Denton

by specklit

I jerked awake, scared out of my wits, and leaped out of bed. The sound was coming from somewhere on the first floor.

There it was again! An echoey, hollow-sounding bang. Baseball bat in hand, my heart going like a trip-hammer, I tiptoed through the house. Once in the kitchen, I realized it was being caused by something smashing, over and over, against the inside of the closed refrigerator door.

I stood staring at the door in pants-pissing terror, wondering what exactly that horrible banging, and now low, eerie snarling could be, because there was nothing in there but eggs.

Author’s note: One day, I heard a really strange sound come from my always quiet refrigerator.

2 Responses to “Drabble: Alien Birth by Maggie Denton”

  1. Oh, that’s good. Subvert the expectation of the alien birth process in order to create a little horror and dramatic irony. I like it.

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