Drabble: A Better Mousetrap by Lela Maria De La Garza

by specklit

Snavely demonstrated his invention. “You put the bait here, see… the mouse goes in here, see… steps on this lever — no more mouse!”

“Where does it go?”

“Who knows? Disintegrates into the atmosphere probably. Millions of mouse atoms floating around.” He chuckled. “Who cares?”

But the mice did not disintegrate. Instead they landed on the planet Kharthom, where tiny catlike creatures worshipped them, made them beds of cotton, and brought offerings of cheese and bacon.

Humans called this Snavely’s Mousetrap. Mice called it The Portal to Mouse Heaven. Both species considered it one of the world’s greatest inventions.

Author’s note: When I first learned about these hundred word stories, I found the idea intriguing. In fact, I decided to do an entire book of drabbes, writing one every day for a year; then selecting those I thought were good enough to be published. Then my interest waned, other projects took my time, and I just quit in mid drab-

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