About SpeckLit

SpeckLit arose as a response to modern life. We live in a soundbite world where people deal with constant distractions. Instead of battling that reality, we embrace it and therefore embrace the drabble – a complete short story told in 100 words. This form of storytelling fits perfectly in a world where readers want to absorb a piece of fiction in between receiving Facebook notifications and Whatsapp messages.

Yes, there still exists a place for long fiction (and there always will!), but there’s also a place for a tapas version of literature – a single bite easily digested on the go.

As the name suggests, we focus on speculative fiction and non-fiction – fantasy, science fiction, myth, fairy tale, dark fantasy, etc… – all on a more or less PG level.

We also celebrate the quick review – of books, movies, video games, TV shows, or any media that contains some sort of speculative fiction element. Long reviews tend to give away too much (how many times have you seen a 3 minute trailer and decided you don’t need to see the movie itself?). A drabble review gives you just what you need – whether the item under review suits your tastes or not.

SpeckLit is edited by Alex F. Fayle and published by Aia Publishing. You can find out more about Alex by clicking on his name.

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