Drabble: The Asshole Mentor (Inn Bingo) – by Gabrielle Lissauer

by specklit

“No. He doesn’t count,” Alec snapped, slapping his hand over Devon’s bingo card.

“And why the hell not?” Rhys asked, amusement dancing in his eyes. “I do believe I qualify as both mysterious stranger and cryptic mentor.”

“You just don’t want me to win bingo,” Devon countered.

“Yeah, but you’re a regular. You don’t even find people to mentor or be mysterious at here.”

“Really? I thought I mentored you some?”

“You’re my friend. That’s not mentoring,” Alec protested.

“You’re also always calling him a fucking mysterious bastard.”

Fine. You can pick one.”

“Deal,” Devon said crossing off cryptic mentor.

Author’s Note: Rhys and Alec are long time friends, Alec often having played the Chosen One to Rhys’ Mysterious or Cryptic Mentor in various worlds they’ve visited. There’s nothing Rhys loves more than annoying Alec when he can. [Editor: This is the fourth in a series. Check out all of Gabrielle’s stories for the rest of them.]

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  1. Eliza Fayle says:

    I am loving these!

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