Drabble: Adventuring Parties? (Inn Bingo) – by Gabrielle Lissauer

by specklit

Glancing at Devon, Alec asked, “Would you call that adventuring party gathers?”

His second frowned thoughtfully. The five people under consideration sat around a table listening intently to an older man who pointed to an old tattered map.

“I dunno.”

“Oh, come on, they’ve got the fighter, mage, rogue, cleric and ranger. It’s classic party gathers.”

“Yeah, but they all knew each other as kids. Obviously, it’s old friends reuniting for adventure.”


Smugly, Devon marked it off on his bingo card as Alec grumbled. Meanwhile, oblivious to the Inn’s owner’s discontent, the five friends made treasure hunting plans.

Author’s Note: Almost every D&D game seems to start in an Inn doesn’t it? [Editor: This is the second in a series. Check out all of Gabrielle’s stories for the rest of them.]

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