Drabble: Supervillains and Bankrobbers – by Timothy A. Wiseman

by specklit

The Gadgeteer finished his latest device, and laughed. He turned to his most trusted henchmen. “It is ready. We can once again rob banks with impunity. This device will disrupt the nerves and paralyze the security for us. Soon, we’ll be rich.”

The henchmen looked at it, quite impressed. “But, sir, why not make more of them and sell them? The police and military would pay a fortune for something like that.”

It took a bit of time to arrange production and settle the contracts, but once it was done the money came flooding in. They retired in Las Vegas.

Author’s Note: I have never understood why stock supervillains rob banks. Superpowers or amazing gadgets should make it easy to become rich without bothering with the trouble or needing to worry about superheroes.

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