Drabble: Angel Face – by Angela R Sargenti

by specklit

My name is Rapunzel and they say I have the face of an angel.

I lie through my rose-petal lips. I tell them my father’s an ogre, a tyrant, and I don’t know what to do.

Getting in is easy enough.

It’s getting out that’s a little tricky.

There’s only one way into this tower of mine, so go ahead. Climb the famous golden stair if you dare, but let me tell you something first.

If I let you up and you don’t satisfy me, out you’ll go, face-first through the window.

There’s a reason I’m locked in this tower.

Author’s Note: Imagine what would happen if Rapunzel was evil.

One Response to “Drabble: Angel Face – by Angela R Sargenti”

  1. That is definitely a different take on Rapunzel. I like this story.

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