Drabble: Too Many Wines – by Tony Steven Williams

by specklit

Merlino snapped his fingers. Whhhhoooffff! The cake blazed in Technicolor, yet the ten candles remained unlit. Damn, he thought, but raised a theatrical eyebrow. Little Trixie bounced in her pink frock.

“This time,” intoned Merlino. Blinding lightning jagged across the room. Zzzzishhhh! The icing heaved green sea and the ten candles were flashing lighthouses (which promptly failed). Kzzzzammmm! The family gasped at the can-can dancers (but the ten floodlights died). Double-damn.

Merlino threw a monstrous fireball. Shhhzzzpahhh-splutttt! The ten candles stood proudly dormant on the black ruined cake.

Merlino sighed and reached for the matches. “Happy birthday, Trixie,” he laughed.

Author’s Note: Merlino is a retired wizard who is actually very powerful, but let’s say rather rough in application. One drink too many doesn’t help either.

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