Drabble: The Automaton and Amelia – by Anna Salonen

by specklit

Amelia’s airship crashed on the deserted island, almost on top of the automaton. She wound up his clockwork springs, and he stuttered to life.

“Will you help fix my ship?” Amelia asked.

The automaton nodded. His heart beat only for her.

He handed her strange instruments as she worked.

He wrestled a shark for her spyglass.

He retrieved the broken rudder from the Roc-bird’s nest.

The ship was almost ready.

“We need something to power the engine,” Amelia said.

The automaton screwed open his chestplate.

An oily tear rolled down his brass cheek as Amelia flew off with his heart.

Author’s Note: Love at first sight is a dangerous thing.

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  1. Brenda Anderson says:


  2. Jon says:

    That was very touching. Well done.

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