Drabble: You Say Tomato – by Maxine Kollar

by specklit

Claudette helped Charlie so much with his French lessons.

No, mon chere, not jer tem, its jeu tem

They met at the start of his immersion trip and were inseparable.

No, pomme de terre, not Meem chose, mem shoz

She was so sweet, always correcting his pronunciation.

No petit frois gras, not arretezzz, its arreteyyy

So thoughtful. Only correcting every other word when they were with friends.

So perfect she was. So fluent. But her English was a bit off.

This time he corrected her. “It’s ‘Oh my GOD’, not ‘gawd’ ‘what are you doing with that NIFE’, not ‘nuf.’”

Author’s Note: Because what could be worse than being perfect.

2 Responses to “Drabble: You Say Tomato – by Maxine Kollar”

  1. Eliza Fayle says:

    ROFL … as an English woman living with a French man I can totally relate to this. Fortunately though, instead of picking up a NIFE, I have simply stopped speaking French in front of him. It is safer that way, ness paw?

  2. Maxine Kollar says:

    Thanks Eliza, you made my day and had me laughing too.

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